Begin Music Video Project

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate collaboration skills by working together to select a piece of music from which to build their music video.


Facet of Understanding

#1 Explanation, #2 Interpretation, #6 Self-Knowledge


Enduring Understanding 1:

Collaboration creates strong theatrical work.


Enduring Understanding 2:

A text contains important information in conceptualizing a production.


Essential Question 1:

How do we use our strengths to work together to make good art?


Essential Question 2:

How can we use the text to inspire a new telling of the work?



Materials needed:

4 music pieces. white board marker. Speakers  Movement – Music Video Assignment Sheet




Animal warm up: 3 animals–3 energies. Instruct students to think of one of Laman’s 3 energies. Then tell them to think of an animal they feel represents that energy. Have them become that animal. Have them do this for all 3 energies. Remind them to interact with one another in their animal form. Tell them to pick one and turn that energy into human physicalizations and gestures.
Step 1 – Isolations: 3 energies hands: 3 energies facial expressions. Have students face each other in two parallel lines. The person across is their partner. Have students embody each of the 3 energies isolating one body part. For example, your eyes, then nose, then hands, etc. The partner is to watch how the other partner does.
Step 2 – Go over the new assignment with the introduction sheet of paper.
Step 3 – Students will listen to 4 pieces. After listening they will vote on one piece to create their class music video.
Step 4- After choosing the song, students will sign up for team-member roles. (See handout at end.)
Step 5- Students will then listen to the entire song and create a music map of the song.
Students will listen especially for what their roles will require of them.



Final Assessment for Lesson 3:

Student participation and involvement in selection process.




Begin brainstorming ideas for the music video, in the school space. Something they can reasonably accomplish within the given window of time.