Begin Music Video Project

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to create a story for their music video by working as a team to create and present a storyboarding concept.


Facet of Understanding

#1 Explanation, #2 Interpretation, #3 Application


Enduring Understanding 1:

Theatre reflects real life stories and experiences.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Theatre teaches critical thinking and analysis of stories.


Essential Question 1:

How does collaboration affect choices in creating a music video?


Essential Question 2:

What influence does story arc have on storyboarding?



Materials needed:

Big paper, Markers, notebook paper.



Watch a music video in class. Analyze its composition.
Ex. Regina Spektor “Fidelity”, OK Go “Here it goes again.”
Step 1 – Present Examples of a Storyboard, and examples of different camera shots.
Useful resource:
Step 2- Have the class work together to come up with a story board for the music video.
Step 4- Present their storyboards to class/teacher as if in a story pitch.
Step 5 – They will use the last 10 minutes to work as a group to fulfill step number 3: Assigning, organizing and gathering.



Final Assessment for Lesson 4:

Students will be informally assessed on group collaboration.
Student storyboards will be handed in and assessed based on preparation, thoughtfulness and appropriateness.
Presentations will be assessed on projection & diction, communication and enthusiasm.




Be prepared for the prep day next class. Individual Assignments will be due at the End of the period.