Educational Objective:

Students will be able to plan out their music video by working through the details of storyboard, creating and practicing choreography, and making lists of what costumes, props, etc they wish to bring in next class period.


Facet of Understanding

#1 Explanation, #2 Interpretation, #3 Application


Enduring Understanding 1:

Organization and preparation work is essential for quality art.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Everyone has a role in the creation process.


Essential Question 1:

How do your strengths help you fulfill your individual role of creation?


Essential Question 2:

How does planning ahead help you to foresee obstacles in the creation process? And where can solutions be found for those obstacles?



Materials needed:

Storyboards graded.



Focus warm up: Go. Stop. Clap. Jump. Inverse commands.

Step 1 – Students will work on completing their individual assignments and working together on what they need to get together in preparation for the filming day next class period.
Step 2 – Individual assignments must be complete and approved by teacher by the end of the class period. (See original assignment sheet.)



Final Assessment for Lesson 5:

Individual assignments turned in by end of class period.




Bring in everything you need to film next class period.



Swap contact information so you can help remind each other.