Filming Day #2

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to explore movement and collaboration by filming their music video.


Facet of Understanding

# 2 -Interpretation, # 3 Application


Enduring Understanding 1:

Prep work makes the production run smoother.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Everyone’s individual talents are needed in order for production success.


Essential Question 1:

How does collaboration affect choices in creating shots for a scene?


Essential Question 2:

What influence does a story arc have on filming a scene?



Materials needed:

Whatever they need for their music videos.



Class warmup : Throw the smile. In a circle, class members face each other. One person starts with a goofy smile on their face. They have to wipe it off and pass it to someone across the circle. If you smile when you don’t “have” the smile, you’re out. Assign each individual one of the 3 energies and have them make their smile reflect that energy each time they receive the smile.
*Remind students they need to have these energies in their music video.

Step 1 – Students will have half of the class period to go around designated areas of the school in order to film their music videos.
Step 2- Students will follow their storyboards in an organized manner in order to complete their videos.
Step 3 – The second half of the class period students should work on editing their music video.



Final Assessment for Lesson 7:

Informal Assessment of group dynamics.



Complete editing of music video for next class.