Reflection and Analysis

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to explore movement techniques, and production collaboration by creating their own music videos and presenting them.


Facet of Understanding

#1 Explanation, #4 Perspective, #5 Empathy, #6 Self-Knowledge


Enduring Understanding 1:

Reflection is an important part of the creative process.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Theatre teaches critical thinking and analysis of stories.


Essential Question 1:

Why is reflection on our own work as theatre artists important?


Essential Question 2:

What does analysis from other perspectives tell us about our work?



Materials needed:

Group Evaluation forms  Movement – Music Video Group Evaluation Sheet, Evaluation Sheet  Movement – Music Video Assessment Rubric




Class warm up: Perfect Circle. Silently students will form a perfect circle. When they have all done so they break and touch the wall and come back to form a perfect square. Then triangle, rectangle, etc.
Step 1 – Students will present their music videos. As a class we will discuss them and analyze their quality. Hand out a rubric to each student and have them grade themselves on the final product. Tell them that I will be doing the final grading, but I will consider what they put on their rubrics. Please be honest with yourself. If you circle all superiors, I will believe you’re not taking this opportunity seriously.
Step 2- Students will then complete group evaluation forms.
Step 3- Students will have 15 minutes to reflect on their experience collaborating to create a production.
We’ll discuss as a class what they felt were individual and collective successes and challenges they encountered, and what they take away from the production experience.



Final Assessment for Lesson 8:

Grading of final music video.