A Script Continued

Lesson Objective:

Students will be able to do research for 12 Angry Men by creating a fact worksheet.


Materials Needed:

scripts of 12 Angry Men for each student, table and 12 chairs, computers for each student



As students enter have a table at the front of the class with 12 chairs around it, set up like the scene in 12 Angry Men.


Activity 1 (30-45 min):

Assign the parts to those who are willing to read and have them sit at the table as if they were actually performing. Tell them that they don’t have to worry about acting or doing anything special, they can just sit in the 12 chairs and read like they did, just in front of the class.
– Finish Reading the Play


Activity 2 (10-15 min):

What did you guys like about the play? What surprised you? What did you not like? How is a play different than a book, how is reading it different than reading a book? How is it similar? Were you able to follow the story? Was it entertaining? What were some things it made you think about? How was it different having them seated at the front of the room?


Activity 3 (30-45 min)

Explain that they are going to fill the role of a Dramaturg and do some research on the play Twelve Angry Men. They need to prepare a “worksheet” with the information that they found, including their sources.


Let’s think of things you can research. Ideas of things to research – Playwright – life, work, etc., how the play came about, when it was written, what was happening when it was written in history, what a juries experience would be like on a murder case, etc.


This list of information found needs to be emailed to the teacher. Your name should be the subject and you should attach what you have found. Needs to be one page long, not including sources. (Write these requirements on the board).