Finding a Story to Tell

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to assess the tellability and learnability of a story by choosing one story to adapt for a young audience.


Materials Needed:

• Either access to the school library or a collection of 40+ children’s books and stories
• A copy of the storytelling packet given last lesson



Ask the students to come together in a circle. Ask each student to tell a brief story about his name, whether it be his first name, his last name, or his nickname. Give an example by telling one about your own. No story should be more than 45 seconds long.



Ask the students how this game tied into the discussion had the last time. How do stories tie into our everyday lives? If we all have a story behind our names, how much more does a person have to share? How do you suppose storytellers (like the one watched the day before) use the stories they have to tell and their own experiences to create dramatic tellings?


Step 1 (Instruction):

Inform the students that today they will be finding a story to adapt and tell using the guidelines in the learnability and tellability sections of their packets. Ask the students to open up to the third page of the storytelling packets they received last lesson. Go over the assignment found there (storytelling logs) with the students, answering any questions they may have. Remind the students that they will be telling for a young audience, so they must keep the appropriateness of the story in mind when searching for one.


Step 2 (Individual practice):

As a class, go to the school library (with the students’ personal belongings) and allow the students to fill out their worksheets for the rest of the period utilizing the children’s section. If access to the library is not available, allow them to go through a collection of 40+ children’s books and/or stories that you have collected for them. Have the students check out the books that they will be using (each student only needs one).



The assessment is the worksheets, which are due as the students leave.