Audition Day/Assessment Day

Educational Objective:

Students will prove their ability to tell an entertaining and believable story by auditioning the story for the teacher.


Materials Needed:

• The grade sheet from each student’s packet as he or she presents
• A camera with which to record the auditions for later self-assessment. It is best to use a digital camera with which to upload each story as its own file.
• A felt board for those using felt



Play a round of “Yes, and…” as a class to get the storytelling juices flowing as well as to warm up. Ask the students to use their bodies as they tell their lines of the story in order to be better warmed up for their auditions.



Students will tell their stories, one at a time, to the teacher. Each story will be recorded for self-assessment purposes. Students must also turn in the peer sheets as they received as they come in to audition. Those who are not auditioning at the time should practice their stories. Those who are finished with their auditions are welcome to work on homework should they so desire, but it is recommended that they are asked to partner with those still practicing.