Self-Assessment Day

Educational Objective:

Students will prove their ability to critique their own work by self-assessing their stories (recorded from audition).


Materials Needed:

• Access to the school computer lab
• All recorded stories uploaded as their own files into a class folder on a shared drive (so that each student may access his or her own work). This can be deleted after this class period.
• Self-assessment forms for all who auditioned–see link below.



Play “Storyline” (a line of 5 students stands in front of the classroom and makes up a story. Whoever you, the facilitator, points to must tell the story. You may switch who you are pointing to at any point, and the new person must pick it up exactly where it was left off, even if that means the middle of a word or sentence) to allow the students to work together again to create a story as well as to release them of their nerves they may have.


Step 1 (Instruction):

Ask the students to think back on their auditions. How well did they use the peer sheets to prepare? Did they help? How did critique from an outside source help create a better story? How can critique from others help outside of the theatre world?


Step 2 (Instruction):

Give the students each a copy of a self-assessment form. Go over the form and answer any questions that may arise.


Step 3:

Ask the students to bring their things and go to the school computer lab!



Ask the students to log in and find the shared class folder in which you placed on the shared drive and ask them to find their video files. They must fill out the evaluation of his or her own work in an honest way and turn these in as they leave the lab at the end of the period.



Self-assessment form – Self Evaluation