Organization and Practice

Educational Objective:

Students will organize their telling agendas after being placed into groups by filling out an organization sheet and then practicing their agendas.


Materials Needed:

• Costume box full of silly hats, glasses, and other small props or costume pieces
• White board and markers
• Group lists on white board with cooperating teachers’ information
• Group organization sheets for each group (see link below)



Have the groups listed on the board before the class arrives. This will act as the hook.


Step 1(Instruction):

Go over the groups as they are listed on the board. Ask the students to get into those groups and hand a group organization sheet to each group once they are formed. Go over the sheet as a class and answer any questions necessary. Ask the students to do as the sheet says and to fill out the sheet, then to go through the costume/prop box to find whatever they may wish to use for their telling routine, and then to practice their routine. Instruct those who did not pass the audition to be part of a group to offer critique or to help them as necessary.



The group organization sheet is the assessment, as well as visual acknowledgement of the continuing work of each group to practice after they have gone through their sheet. Each group must turn in its sheet as the students leave the classroom at the end of the period.



• Storytelling group organization sheet  –  Group Organization Sheet