Telling a Story

Educational Objective:

Students will share their ability to tell a convincing and entertaining beginning-level story by telling in front of an elementary-aged audience.


Materials Needed:

• Storyteller Critique Sheet (for cooperating teachers, one given to each group to give to the teacher when the students arrive in the classroom)–see link below


Step 1:

Hand out a storyteller critique sheet to each group and inform the students that the teachers of the classrooms they tell for will be assessing their performance, and this grade will be factored into the final storytelling grade. Instruct them to hand the sheet to the cooperating teacher as soon as they arrive. Those who did not pass the audition will act as runners at the elementary school and observe with you, the high school teacher.


Step 2:

Get to the elementary school! Hopefully, this is just a short walk away.



The groups will arrive at their assigned rooms and go through their routines after giving their critique sheets to the cooperating teachers. This sheet will be available to the students after they return to the high school classroom.



• Storyteller Critique Sheet (for cooperating teachers)  – Storyteller Critique Sheet