Improv Scene Performances

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate the ability to perform scenes with tactics and objectives by performing rehearsed improv scenes.

Enduring Understanding 1:

Characters are driven by objectives which motivate action.


Enduring Understanding 2:

There must needs be strategy in place to get what we want.


Essential Question 1:

When do we use tactics to achieve objectives in real life?


Materials needed:




Warm-up: Crazy Shakes (Hand, hand, foot, foot. Count down from 10, then 9, 8 etc.)


Step 1 – Practice:

Mirrors with partner. Switch leaders


Step 2 – Practice:

Mirror partners join with other partners


Step 3 – Practice:

Whole group leaders. Teacher chooses leaders. Multiple, none, etc.


Step 4 –Discussion:

What happened? Lead into how we can be a supportive audience to each other.


Step 5 – Organize:

After warmups students will sign up to perform.


Step 6 – Perform:

Students perform.


Step 7 –Coach:

After each performance, teacher coaches students to improv their understanding of how to incorporate knowledge into performance.


Final Assessment for Lesson 3:

Performances. Rubric: Objective, 3 tactics, set, relationship, attitude, effort, preparation, willingness to work. 5 points each. 50 points total