Rehearse with ambiguous scene

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to rehearse the acting tactics we have gone over by configuring and rehearsing a scene built from their ambiguous scene scripts.

Enduring Understanding 1:

Characters are driven by objectives which motivate action.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Actors must be willing to follow their impulses and instincts to create compelling theatre work.


Essential Question 1:

When do we use tactics to achieve objectives in real life?


Essential Question 2:

How do our desires and goals influence others?


Materials needed:

Props, costumes, etc. they need for their scenes.



Mirror game with partner. Focus their energies towards each other.


Step 1 –

Give partnerships time to practice memorization.


Step 2-

Once memorized give them time to work on incorporating their acting techniques.


Step 3-

Once they think they’ve got a rough improv of what they’re going to do, pair up partnerships to watch and critique each other.


Step 4-

Teacher sidecoaches as she walks around the room.


Step 5 –

Have partnerships rotate for more feedback.


Step 6 –

Give students the last bit of the class period to work together to incorporate feedback.
If some groups need more guidance have them do a speed through. Have them do their scene with the person gaining power being physically higher than the person losing power. Have them do it again with spatial relationship informing how close/connected the actors feel to their partner. Etc.


Final Assessment for Lesson 8:

Informal Assessment of rehearsal time.



Be ready to perform next time.