Educational Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to incorporate acting techniques we have covered by performing a scene built from their ambiguous scene scripts.


Enduring Understanding 1:

Characters are driven by objectives which motivate action.


Enduring Understanding 2:

Actors must be willing to follow their impulses and instincts to create compelling theatre work.


Essential Question 1:

When do we use tactics to achieve objectives in real life?


Essential Question 2:

How do our desires and goals influence others?



Materials needed:

Props, costumes, etc. they need for their scenes.



Warm-up: Shakes to 10. Columbian Hypnosis with partner.



Step 1 – Organize:

Have students sign up on the board for order of performances.


Step 2- Perform:

Have students perform.


Step 3- Discuss:

Briefly discuss their performances with the class.


Step 4-

Repeat until all have gone. They should all be using the same ambiguous scene script.


Step 5 –

At the end discuss how the students took the same dialogue and made it their own.



Final Assessment for Lesson 9:

Final Performances. See rubric:  Acting Workshop Final Performance Assessment Rubric