Lesson Objective:

Students will display and understanding of pantomime by playing the magic box game.


Materials Needed:

Magic Box Signs


Hook (30-45 min):

– Clear the classroom of all chairs and tables.
– Sitting silently on the floor with the sign up saying sit in a circle.
– Play the magic box game. See signs for rules. On a full sheet of paper, have each of the following sentences typed/written to show to the class to instruct them on what to do with the Magic Box. The papers can be even more effective if your facial expressions and gestures match what the papers say.
In front of me there is a box.
It is a MAGIC BOX.
It is magic because it’s invisible.
It is also magic because it can hold anything inside of it.
(Think Mary Poppins!)
Each of us gets to choose something from the box…
and show the rest of the class what it is.
Do not talk or make noise while you do so.
I’ll go first.



Activity 1 (10-15 min):

– Did you enjoy that? What was hard? What was easy?
– What made for a good magic box? What helped you know what was being pulled out? – Make a list. Try and aim for the following:
o Specificity
o Clear
o Slow
o Size
o Shape
o Weight
– Those last three are what we are going to refer to as elements of pantomime. When we show size, shape, and weight it becomes clear what object we are holding. Let’s practice this.



Activity 2 (25-30 min):

– Get into a new circle. This is a simple game where we are going to pass each other a ball. Now when you catch and throw a ball it can be any ball you would like, you just need to make sure that we can see what that ball is, for example if I am going to throw you a bowling ball it has a different shape, size, and weight then say a football. I will start…pass someone a ball making sure you show shape, size, and weight by how you prepare for the throw and finally throw it.
– Encourage the students to try different balls, maybe even try different things you can throw, not necessarily a ball. Side coach by telling them to be more specific, exaggerate, slow down you movements.
– Make sure everyone gets a chance to throw an object.




We are going to be doing our own pantomimes in groups and next time I will have you divided up and explain the assignment but be thinking about how we used our bodies to tell a story.