Pantomime Objects

Lesson Objective

Student will demonstrate their understanding of pantomiming objects by playing the magic box with specific objects they use in their pantomime scene.


Materials Needed

Markers for each student, white board, grading rubric for each student


Hook (25-30 min)

I want you guys to take a marker and write everything you can think of that we have learned about pantomime. What it is? What elements does it contain? What makes a good pantomime? What is important in a pantomime? Etc.
Once everyone has had the opportunity to write go through and touch on each of the things written. Then circle what hopefully has shown up on the board as size, shape, and weight.


Activity 1 (25-30 min) 

Last class we focused on our environment, character, and emotion in terms of our pantomime scenes. We are going to now add onto that the objects that you will be pantomiming, a key aspect of pantomime.
Split the class in two and have them get into two circles. We are going to play magic box again but this time you have to take out an object that you will be using in your scene. As observers you need to raise your hand when you understand what the object is. You must continue to pantomime until everyone in your group raises their hands. That means you will need to be more specific about the weight, the size, and the shape. How you hold it, how you use it, etc.
When both groups have gone ask the class as a whole what that experience was like? If people struggled to know what the object was how did you finally get them to understand? How can we incorporate what we have learned into our pantomime scenes?
Pass out the grading rubric (listed below; not in handout formatting). Really quickly go over the rubric in detail, reminding them of the importance of character, emotion, size, shape, weight, as well as other elements on the rubric. These earlier aspects will help you achieve the rubric.


Activity 2 (45-50min) 

You will now have the rest of the time to work on your pantomime scene. Don’t forget the work that we did last time and don’t forget to add in the work we did this time. Try and go through the rubric and see how you think you would score if you performed today.


Pantomime Feedback Sheets

Movement (weight, size, shape) – /10
Specificity – /10
Continuity – /10
Clarity – /10
Storyline – /5
Characterization – /5
Total /50