Old Age Makeup Application

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate how to change a young face to an old face by their ability to use highlights and shadows to create an aged face.



• Mirrors
• Brushes
• Powder
• Foundation
• Ultralight highlight
• Character shadow
• Camera
• Sponges (smooth
and stipple)

• Youtube video makeup tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOoi0-zYCMk
Lesson 2.Grading Rubric for Old Age Makeup


Pre hook:

Inform the students that next period they need to bring pictures of something that they would like to recreate using makeup. Next class will be doing stylized makeup.
Hook: Show an old age make up tutorial video to review the steps necessary to transform a young face into an old face. While the students watch the video, ask them to take note on how the artist applies the highlights and shadows. What is the process that the artist uses?



Step 1: Have them take a review quiz of H.I.D. S. O. U. They will turn that in at the end of class as part of the final.
Step 2: Review the placement of highlights and shadows and which direction they go. After the quiz review the different steps that you need to take to do old age makeup. Review the different areas that we place highlights and shadows. Some follow up questions may be, “What areas of the face do we place the highlights and shadows at?” Answers: Forehead, Nasalabial Folds, eyes, chin. Also teach them the stipple affect to create splotches and sun spots.
Step 3) Have the students get in their partnerships. Give them an appropriate amount of time to do each other’s makeup. Give each student about 30 minutes to do so. They will be doing just one side of their partners face. Then have the student come up and have their makeup passed off. Have a camera to take pictures of their final work.
Step 4) After 30 minutes or once the first partner has gone(depending on which is first) than the second one will go.
Assessment: The students will present a half completed face of old age makeup
Grading Rubric for Old Age Makeup = 15 points total