Stylized Makeup Application and Pitch

Educational objective:

The students will show their understanding of stylized makeup by presenting to the class their design and final product!



• Mirrors
• Sponges
• Baby wipes
• Brushes
• Foundation
• Various color makeup
• Stylized makeup grading rubric – Lesson 5.Grading Rubric for Stylized Makeup



Have the students think of movies they know that have stylized makeup in them. Have some of the students share their examples. What did they like about the design? What worked for them? What didn’t work for them?


Step 1:

Transition: Today the students will be giving their pitches. Give the students the agenda of how today is going to go in order to prep them for their pitch. Write the agenda on the board and review it with the students. Here is the agenda:


Step 2:

Review: Review with the students what the grading rubric will be. Each of the students need to turn in their makeup map and inspiration pictures.


Step 3:

Practice: Have the students apply their makeup design on their partners face. The majority of this time will be used for that. Depending on the size of the class, half the group may be able to complete their stylized makeup today and the other half tomorrow.


Step 4:

Transition: Have the students sign up for when they want to present. Have all of the students rip 12 pieces of paper on them. Instruct the students that they need to write one comment down of something that they liked about each of the designs that are pitched. On the last slip they need to pick 2 of their favorite designs.


Step 5:

Assessment: Have each of the students stand up and give their pitch to the class. The pitch is to last no longer than 90 seconds.



Closure: Have the students pass in their slips of paper and clean up the room for the next class.
Homework assignment for next class: Print off pictures of different kinds of wounds and bring it in to next period. They have to have a picture of at least 3 wounds.