Wound Make-up

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of wound makeup by practicing the wounds that they have for their story.


Essential Questions:

How can we recreate a wound?

What makes a wound a wound?
How can a wound be created?



Lesson 6.Wound Makeup Notes

• Wound/bruise wheel
• Makeup
• Stage blood
• Latex
• Wax
• Brushes
• Morgue pictures for each wound  (Lesson 6.Wound Examples)
• Power point of Wound Makeup Quiz



Share with the students a story of you getting an injury, making sure that there are moments that would describe wounds that would occur. Then after the story ask the class what injuries you have. Have one or two other student’s share a story where they were injured and have the students find the injury that would occur. List the wounds as they describe them.



Step 1)
Have the students take out their morgue pictures and discuss what the pictures tell us about the wounds that they are going to create. What information do these pictures give? Show example morgues as well for each wound.


Step 2)

Pass out the Wound Makeup Handout. Explain the rules of creating a wound. The six wounds we will cover are scrapes, scars, cuts, bruises, burns and black eyes.


Step 3)
Demonstration: Follow the handout and demonstrate the various wounds. Demonstrate for the students the different types of wounds to create. Have them follow along on the handout.


Step 4)
Review: with the students the rules of wound makeup and what was discussed today


Step 5) Assessment- Have the students take a short quiz that reviews what they have been taught. The quiz is worth 15 points. 2 points per question + 1 for taking the quiz
Can be presented through a power point or on paper
Quiz Questions (with answers): out of 18 points


HW- the students will be applying 2 wounds to themselves and creating a story for it that they will present to their peers.


Questions Answers Points
  1. What are the 3 important factors to think about when creating a wound?
(Location, swelling, age) Question 1 = 3 points
  1. What are the 6 different types of wounds that we went over today?
(bruises, cuts, black eyes, scrapes/abrasions, scars, burns) Question 2 = 6 points
  1. Which wounds do you use wax for?
( scars and cuts) Question 4 = 2 point
  1. T or F:  A bruise is new and recent if it has yellow and green in it ?
(F) Question 5 = 1 point
  1. How can you use the stipple sponge in creating your wound?
(to add texture, depth or dimension) Question 6 = 2 point
  1. Which wounds are you most excited to do?
(varies) Question 7 = 1 point