by Polly K. Dunn

Unit Objective

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of voice and diction by developing a radio program.  They will represent at least 2 different characters in a radio program, using all 4 vocal variations (tempo, pitch, tone and volume), diction and projection.


2014 National Core Arts Theatre Standards:

TH:Cr1.1: Envision, Conceptualize

Anchor Standard: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.


TH:Cr2.1: Develop

Anchor Standard: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.


TH:Cr3.1: Rehearse

Anchor Standard: Refine new work through play, drama processes and theatre experiences using critical analysis and experimentation.


TH:Pr5.1: Prepare

Anchor Standard: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.


TH:Re7.1: Reflect

Anchor Standard: Perceive and analyze artistic work.


TH:Re9.1: Evaluate

Anchor Standard: Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.


Class Level 

Drama 2; 65 minute class periods


Prior Experience 

Students will have completed a basic theatre class. Students should have been introduced to vocal variations.


Main Concepts

Vocal variations – pitch, tempo, tone and volume

Diction, Articulation



Day 1 – Intro to vocal variations and their use for different characters

Objective – Students will understand what each vocal variation is – pitch, tempo, tone and volume. They will consciously use each variation in a group game then individually when they read a children’s story reading.


Day 2 – Projection

Objective – Students will better understand and perform proper vocal projection (using the diaphragm), through discussion, participating in various projection exercises in the theatre and reflection.


Day 3 –  Diction, Articulation

Objective – Students will understand tools used for articulation by applying those tools through practicing and performing tongue twisters.


Day 4  – Introduction of Assignment

Objective – Students will better understand radio shows by listening to/analyzing a real one through discussion.  They will also be given new assignment details of a radio show project they will start by writing the script. 


Day 5 – Writing script/rehearsal

Objective – Students complete script and begin rehearsals


Day 6 – Performances

Objective – Performances


Day 7 – Quiz

Objective – Assess concepts understood


Voice Diction Unit of Lessons.Polly Dunn