by Jessica Johnson

Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to design and executing old age makeup, stylized makeup and wound makeup.



Stage Makeup


Class level:



Main concepts:

design, application, presentation, interpretation of ideas, creativity,


2014 National Core Arts Theatre Standards:

TH:Pr5.1.HSII b. Apply technical elements and research to create a design that communicates the concept of a drama/theatre production.


TH:Cr2.1.HSII b. Cooperate as a creative team to make interpretive choices for a drama/theatre work.


TH:Re9.1.HSII b. Construct meaning in a drama/theatre work, considering personal aesthetics and knowledge of production elements while respecting others’ interpretations.


TH:Cn11.2.HSIII a. Justify the creative choices made in a devised or scripted drama/theatre work, based on a critical interpretation of specific data from theatre research


1994 National Standards:

CONTENT STANDARD 3: Designing and producing by conceptualizing and realizing artistic interpretations for informal or formal productions.


CONTENT STANDARD 5: Researching by evaluating and synthesizing cultural and historical information to support artistic choices.


CONTENT STANDARD 7: Analyzing, critiquing, and constructing meanings from informal and formal theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions.


Prior Student Experience:

It is expected that students will have had little or no experience with application of stage makeup or creating a makeup design.


Essential Questions:

How do you transform a young face to an old face?

How does highlights and shadows influence our perception?

How does a makeup artist change a face using just makeup?



Lesson 1: Old Age Make-up

Learning objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of highlights and shadows by practicing aged makeup on their own face.


Lesson 2: Old Age Makeup Application

Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate how to change a young face to an old face by their ability to use highlights and shadows to create an aged face.


Lesson 3:  Stylized/ Fantasy Makeup Design

Educational Objective: Students will show their ability to design for stylized makeup by creating

a makeup map of their own design.


Lesson 4: Stylized Makeup Application Workday

Educational Objective: The students will demonstrate their ability to apply the makeup directed by a makeup design that they created by practicing on their partners face.


Lesson 5: Stylized Makeup Application and Pitch

Educational objective: The students will show their understanding of stylized makeup by presenting to the class their design and final product!


Lesson 6: Wound Make-up

Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of wound makeup by practicing the wounds that they have for their story.


Lesson 7: The accident is here! Grossies and Gories Final

Educational Objective: The students will demonstrate their understanding of wound make-up by creating make-up to go along with their accident story.


Make Up Unit of Lessons.Jessica Johnson