Musical Theatre Performance

by Gayle Hansen


Students will demonstrate their understanding of musical theatre by performing a musical theatre act with a song and body movement.


Class Level: 



Main Concepts

Voice, Dance


1994 National Standards:    

CONTENT STANDARD 2: Acting by developing, communicating, and sustaining characters in improvisations and informal or formal productions.

CONTENT STANDARD 6: Comparing and integrating art forms by analyzing traditional theatre, dance, music, and visual arts, and new art forms.


Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Introduction to Musical Theatre

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of musical theatre by filling out a KWL form which will include what they know, what they want to know, and what they learn.


Lesson 2: Typing the Voice

Students will demonstrate a knowledge of their voice type and vocal range by singing few bars of music in their range.


Lesson 3: Vocal Warm Ups and Style of Singing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of vocal warm ups and technique by learning and performing them that day.


Lesson 4: Final Choice of Musical Scene, Solo, Duet, Ensemble, etc.

Students will choose their final choice of their musical performance (and know if they are doing a solo, duet, trio, or ensemble) by turning in the Musical Theatre Performance Checklist.


Lesson 5: Body Movements and Dance

Students will demonstrate and understanding of body movements and dance steps for musical theatre by performing a simple choreographed dance that will give them ideas for their final performance.


Lesson 6: Practice Makes Perfect

Students will demonstrate and understanding of the importance of “perfect” practice by giving a perfect dress rehearsal preview of their performance.


Lesson 7: Musical Theatre Performance

Students will demonstrate an understanding of doing a musical theatre performance by performing their musical act in class.


Lesson 8: INTRODUCTION or REVIEW of Musical Theatre (not included; a suggestion to synthesize all the elements of what has been taught in previous lessons)

Students will demonstrate an understanding of terms and singing styles of musical theatre by watching a musical show and writing down the musical terms and singing styles in the show. (They also will hand in their musical report if this is the last lesson of the unit.)


Musical Theatre Performance Unit of Lessons.Gayle Hansen