Scenery Construction and Shop Safety

by Summer Brown Lewis


Students will demonstrate their understanding of set construction by taking quizzes and building a flat.


Class Level:



Main Concepts:

construction of set, materials, tools, shop safety


1994 National Standards:

STANDARD 3: Designing and producing by conceptualizing and realizing artistic interpretations for informal or formal productions.



This unit was created for block classes as an introduction to the tools used in the scene shop to create sets.


Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Basic Hand and Electric Tools
Students will be introduced and become familiar with basic construction tools, both hand and electric.


Lesson 2: Stock Scenery
Students will learn about the three basic types of stock scenery—flats, platforms, and stairs. They will become familiar with the names and pieces of the scenery and learn about measuring the dimensions for the construction of each type of scenery. They will begin work in groups on a piece of stock scenery.


Lesson 3: Constructing Stock Scenery
Students will continue work in groups on their pieces of stock scenery. These may be completed in class.


Lesson 4: A Basic History of Set Construction and Safety Guidelines
Students will gain an understanding of the evolution of theatre scenery and construction. They will become familiar with the safety guidelines inherent and necessary in set construction.


Lesson 5: Wood and Paint
Students will learn about and become familiar with different types of wood and cuts of lumber and their use in set construction. They will also learn about different types and techniques of painting and its use in theatre.


Lesson 6: Set Construction Quiz and Conclusion
Students will complete any unfinished construction projects. They will demonstrate their understanding of basic construction tools (practical) and safety(written) in a quiz.



Author’s Notes:

Lesson 1: Class Participation-5 pts
Lesson 2: Class Participation-5 pts
Hand out completion-10 pts
Lesson 3: Class Participation-5 pts
Lesson 4: Class Participation-5 pts
Cut list completion-10 pts
Lesson 5: Class Participation-5 pts.
Lesson 6: Class Participation-5pts.
Finished Flat-20 pts
Tool Quiz-10 pts
Safety Quiz-20 pts
Total: 100 pts.

Scenery Construction and Shop Safety Unit of Lessons.Summer Brown Lewis