Technical Theatre + Design

by Summer Lewis & Carolyn Pedersen


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements of technical theatre design by completing projects in each element, creating a group skit demonstrating technical elements, and a final written test.


Class Level:



Main Concepts:

Costume, set, light, sound


1994 National Standards:

CONTENT STANDARD 1: Script writing by improvising, writing, and refining scripts based on personal experience and heritage, imagination, literature, and history.

CONTENT STANDARD 2: Acting by developing, communicating, and sustaining characters in improvisations and informal or formal productions.

CONTENT STANDARD 3: Designing and producing by conceptualizing and realizing artistic interpretations for informal or formal productions.


Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Technical Theatre Terms, Tour, and Parts
Students will demonstrate an understanding of technical theatre terms and parts by participating in a theatre tour, completing a graphic organizer, and writing what they want to learn more about in technical theatre.


Lesson 2: Costume Design
Students will demonstrate anunderstanding of costume design theories and practices by completing two character designs, including a paragraph justifying their color and style choices.


Lesson 3: Set Design

Students will demonstrate an understanding of set pieces and design by creating a model set for a play script of their choice.


Lesson 4: Lights and Sounds
Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to use light to create a mood by completing exercises in creating a light plot and mimicking the lighting of a photograph and how to analyze scripts for sound by creating a sound cue list for Glass Menagerie.


Lesson 5: Most Fun Review Ever-Production Teams
Students will demonstrate an understanding of technical design topics covered in class by designing one technical element for their production and filling out a role sheet.


Lesson 6: Show What You Know – Test Day
Students will demonstrate understanding of technical design in theatre by performing the skits of the children’s books and taking a written technical theatre test.



Technical Theatre + Design Unit of Lessons.Lewis & Pedersen