The Voice of the Puppet

by Megan Michaels

The Voice of the Puppet

Created by: Megan Michaels


Learning Level:

First year theatre students (originally created for junior high students) 


Prior Experience:

Pantomime, Plot structure, Staging rules


Unit Educational Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of vocal qualities (rate, pitch, tone, diction, and projection) by designing a unique voice for a puppet and performing in an original, rehearsed puppet show.


National Core Arts Theatre Standards:


  1. Practice and revise a devised or scripted drama/theatre work using theatrical staging conventions.
    b. Explore physical, vocal and physiological choices to develop a performance that is believable, authentic, and relevant to a drama/theatre work.
    c. Refine technical design choices to support the story and emotional impact of a devised or scripted drama/ theatre work.


  1. Perform a scripted drama/theatre work for a specific audience.



LESSON 1- Rate, Pitch, Tone, Volume

Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of vocal rate, pitch, and tone by using the terms to compare and contrast two different voices.


LESSON 2-Diction

Educational Objective: Students will show the importance and execution of diction in performance by creating tongue twisters to teach to and practice with the class.


LESSON 3—Designing a voice for a character

Educational Objective: Students will choose a character from a fairy tale and design a vocal pattern for them using the various qualities of voice and animal imagery.


LESSON 4-Anatomy and Script Writing

Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of basic vocal anatomy and script writing by labeling a cartoon chart with the different parts and working together to create a short script.


LESSON 5-Designing

Educational Objective: Students will design a voice and a puppet for their character in the script they wrote previously.


LESSON 6-Making Puppets

Educational Objective: Students will execute the designs they made by crafting their puppets and practicing their vocal patterns.


LESSON 7-Preparation and Rehearsal

Educational Objective: Students will rehearse their puppet shows with their puppets and voices that they have designed.


LESSON 8-Performance

Educational Objective: Students will use vocal variations to create interesting performances for specific characters.


The Voice of the Puppet Unit of Lessons.Megan Michaels