Analyzing Lighting in Movie Musicals


Students will demonstrate their understanding of lighting purposes and functions by analyzing a movie musical.



Lesson 2- Analyzing Lighting in Movie Musicals
Lighting on Stage Worksheet – Lesson 2.Musical Lighting Worksheet
Fiddler on the Roof
Pirates of Penzance


Hook- (none included)


Group Instruction- Hand out the Lighting on Stage worksheet and read them the instructions. The students will have two different films to watch to fill out the worksheet.


Guided Instruction- Turn on the film “Pirates of Penzance” First. Play it from the beginning of the film. Only play this film for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes turn it off and review with the class some of the things that they observed in the film clip.


Transition- Review the first three questions on the worksheet. What kind of coloring is used in the stage lighting and costuming for the pirates? Why would do you think they made this lighting choice? At the beginning how do they use lighting to put our focus on the one man who is on stage?


Reviewing these questions will give the teacher an opportunity to check in on the understanding of the students as will help the teacher to know how much they need to be stopping throughout the next film piece to check for understanding.


Guided Instruction- Turn on “Fiddler on the Roof”. This is the movie that they will watch for the remainder of class. The students will finish the rest of the worksheet with this film.


When the film is done review the worksheet with the remainder of time. Have students turn in the worksheet at the end of the period.


STEP 5: Make sure they turn in the worksheet.