Aristotelian Plot Structure Part 2


Students will show their mastery of the Aristotelian plot structure through performing a fairy tale with a missing plot element. (This lesson is a continuation of the lesson from the day before because time ran out.)



Texts: The Aristotelian Plot Structure
Literacies: Accessing the plot structure through storytelling and performance.



Draw the plot model on the board. Have student volunteers review each of the elements and what they mean for the story.
NOTE: Some students may have been absent the day before. Use this time to place them into groups and give them the plot-structure “Festival of Knowledge” from the day before.


STEP 1: Transition

We are now going to give you 10 more minutes to practice your fairy tales from yesterday and get everyone up to speed.


STEP 2: Transition

After the ten minutes are up, bring all the students back together in the cafetorium space and have them sit on the stairs.


STEP 3: Instruction

Explain that whenever we perform here we will do something called “1-2-3-ACTION!” to start each performance.
1) Designate a student to lead the “1-2-3-ACTION!”
2) Have that student lead the rest of the class in unison shouting “1-2-3-ACTION!” and then pointing at the group that is about to perform.
3) The performing group then begins their performance.
a. Remind students that while this is meant to animate and support each other, if it gets out of hand or too wild we will no longer use it.


STEP 4: Assessment

Have each group perform their fairy tale they have practiced. After each scene ask 1 student to identify the missing element, then (like the Greeks) put it up to a vote. If there is dissention or disagreement, resolve until all are in agreement, then move on to the next scene.



9) Students will turn in the piece of paper where they identified the different parts of their story after they perform and will be graded on its completion. 15 points
10) Students will be graded on their performance in 3 categories:
a. Time limit (between 1-3 minutes) 5 points
b. Participation (all students actively involved) 5 points
c. Plot element (assigned plot element is clearly missing) 5 points



Discuss with the class questions like these: Is this the only way to tell a story? Is there another way, or even a better way? Examples? Can we tell a story without all the elements? Why do you think that this is a model that works?