Final Assessment Practice


Students will prepare for their final assessment by practicing in their groups and taking turns workshopping their scene in front of the teacher.



Texts: Their bodies, Greek texts for final assessment scenes.
Literacies: Helping them analyze and evaluate their scenes in relation to the ideas on the rubric.






Students will warm up their bodies by doing the 8-6-4-2-1-1-1-1 shaking game. Do this twice if the students need to.




STEP 1—Transition: Now that our bodies are warmed up, we are ready to practice for your final scenes that will be performed over the next two days in class. Tell them they will have the opportunity today to workshop whatever part of their scene they are having the most difficulty with in front of the teacher to get feedback. Give the students as much space as possible to spread out into their groups and start rehearsing their scenes.


STEP 2—Guided Practice: After the students have separated into their groups, call on one group at a time to come workshop whatever part of their scene they are having the most difficulty with in front of the teacher. Coach them on how they could improve that element or if you see other elements that need immediate attention, give the students suggestions to improve those elements. If you have about 7 groups of about 5 students each, you should take no more than 5 minutes per group.


STEP 3—Check for Understanding: At the end of class, give the students one last opportunity to ask any questions about how the performances will be run, what order they will be presented in, etc. Clear up any misunderstandings and get a general feel for the class’s preparedness. Suggest anything they might be able to practice over the weekend to make their scenes as good as they can possibly be.



The assessment for this lesson will be in the guided practice as the different groups workshop their scene in front of the teacher. This will give the teacher the opportunity to assess the level of understanding the students have about their final scene and what it is supposed to look like. The teacher will give feedback during this guided practice to prepare the students for their final assessment performances.