Presentation Research Day


Intro to Playwrights



Grade Level:

10-12 grade, 77 minutes



National Standards:

Content Standard #7:

Analyzing, critiquing, and constructing meanings from informal and formal theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions


Content Standard #8:

Understanding context by analyzing the role of theatre, film, television, and electronic media in the past and the present



Materials Needed:

Computer lab, scripts (kids already have them)

Lesson 2.Things To Be Doing for Playwrights Project



Learning Objective:

Students will learn more about their chosen playwright, his/her influence, and influential works by researching them in the computer lab and synthesizing that information for their presentations.



Teaching Presentation:

Announcements/Housekeeping (5-10 minutes): Today students will be spending the class period in the computer lab. They have a lot to research and write. They’re working in groups so they will be talking, so just remember that.



Activity 1 (80 minutes):

Go ahead and hand out the half sheets that detail what the kids should be doing during the period. Their assignment sheet clearly says what they need to do, but we want them to stay on task. Make sure you’re walking through the aisles throughout the class period so they’re not goofing off, and we can make sure that they’re working. They should have plenty to do between researching, and creating their presentation. If they are making a powerpoint, oral report, or Prezi they should have plenty of time to start (if not finish) that in class.

If you can tell that the class is getting rowdy and off topic because they all claim to be done, then bring them back to the classroom and let them start rehearsing their scenes.



Wrap-Up (2-3 Minutes):

Remind them that next time we meet they will be spending the day rehearsing. They must have all their lines memorized when they perform!! Additionally, if anyone in their scenes is planning to play someone of the opposite sex they will need to explain to me what accommodations they are planning to make. (This will happen during our next class period.) They should think about how changing the gender might change the meaning of the scene. What statements might changing the gender make? Make sure they know this and are ready for it!