Peer Performance Review for Group Progress


An Introduction to Playwrights and Their Work



Grade Level:

10-12 grade, 77 minutes



National Standards:

Content Standard #2:

Acting by developing, communicating, and sustaining characters in improvisations and informal or formal productions


Content Standard #4:

Directing by interpreting dramatic texts and organizing and conducting rehearsals for informal or formal productions


Content Standard #7:

Analyzing, critiquing, and constructing meanings from informal and formal theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions


Content Standard #8:

Understanding context by analyzing the role of theatre, film, television, and electronic media in the past and the present



Materials Needed:

Any props or costumes the groups want to use, and the peer review sheets  Lesson 10.Peer Review Sheet



Learning Objective:

Students will evaluate the effectiveness of their work and choices by performing a preview for 1-2 other groups where they will self-evaluate, receive feedback, and give feedback to other groups.



Hook (5-10 minutes):

Pass back the analysis that the groups handed in the class period before complete with teacher feedback. Have students read the feedback and decide if they want to make any changes to their performances.



Activity 1 (25 minutes):

Give students 5 minutes to prepare their scenes, and then pair them up with another group. Students should watch the group perform and then fill out the performance review sheet. (5 minutes.) Take 5 minutes to talk about and discuss the performance with the group. Switch and then repeat the process with the other group. Both groups should have performed and discussed the performances, and each student should have completed a performance review sheet for a different group.



Activity 2 (40 minutes):

Students should take the remainder of the class period to take the feedback they’ve been given and apply it to their performances via the rehearsal process. They should NOT be sitting down talking the remainder of the class period.



Wrap-up (2 minutes):

Remind students there is only one more class period to rehearse their work before performances! Consult your handout with performance details to remind you what’s expected of you!