Research Continued


Students will demonstrate the skills of research needed in a dramaturgical setting by competing in an information scavenger hunt.



Materials Needed

Scavenger Hunt Sheet (unfortunately not included; it was lost electronically), candy



Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook
Pack up bags and head to the library




Step One: Discuss all the sources of research available including the Gutenberg Project, Journal articles, books, internet web sources, university online thesis, Oxford English Dictionary….ect


Step Two: Then hand out the scavenger hunt worksheet and split into teams of two people. Give clear instructions that they have fifty minutes to find as much of the information requested as they can with using the internet search tools for less than a third of them. READY SET GO!!!!!


Step Three: Stay in an area that is accessible to where the students are so if they need help or suggestions you can help them. If students are looking lost or confused approach them and ask if they would like suggestions as to where to look. Point them in a different direction if they aren’t having success with one of the questions. Send them to the Oxford English dictionary if it’s a terms problem, otherwise suggest different search terms online.


Step Four: When time is up, gather the class together and ask about how many each group got until you figure out who had the most. That “winning” group of two then reads the answers to the questions they found to check them against the rest of the classes. Then go through the rest of the class until all the blanks are filled in.


Step Five: Ask students about any frustrations they found in their research and address each situation that the student had to assure them that it gets easier as they get used to it.


Step Six: Distribute the prize candy to the class for anyone who made an effort.




Students will be assessed on their attempts to find information. This specific assignment is really pass/fail depending on whether or not students participated in with their partners.