Critical Thinking/ Script Development/ Leading discussions


Students will demonstrate the skills of critical thinking by participating in an verbal analysis of a new script by ____________ (guest playwright).



Materials Needed

Well not so much a material as a person but- Guest Playwright, copies of a working script for all the class from the Guest Playwright

Lesson 4.Grading Rubric



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Introduce the guest playwright and hand out copies of the script.




Step One: Have the guest discuss the Dramaturg’s role in script development, and how they have used them in the process. Make sure previous to the class starting that the guest is comfortable talking about this.


Step Two: Ask for volunteers to read, once you know who is willing assign parts that will be helpful and fun for those students. Read the play aloud for about fifty minutes switching the characters the students are reading at appropriate breaks.


Step Three: Before students can respond to the script ask them to pull out a sheet of paper and a pen. Tell students you are going to ask them a series of questions about what they just read and you want them to write their personal feelings. The questions are:
1. Who do you think this story is about?
2. What is the main theme in this play?
3. What are the big risks that are being taken by the playwright?
4. Who do you think the target audience of this script is?
5. What are some of the potential problems the script might cause?


Step Four: Reread the first question and ask for five responses from the class. Discuss with the playwright after all five have gone, the answers to these questions. Repeat for the other four questions and make sure that every student has answered at least one question aloud. Then gather the papers to give to the guest playwright and thank him/her for their time.


Step Five: Talk about structures of critical discussions and how to lead them. Talk about problem questions and what to do if someone brings something up that is not going the way you want it to go. Talk about control from you and control from those involved with the discussion and where the line should be drawn.


Step Six: Let students know that on ______(date) they will be leading a discussion of their own on a text they can pick. The text must be a short 3 minute clip from a film. Remind them that it is a good idea to do research so that the discussion can be well informed and productive. Hand out the grading rubric. Thank students for respect shown to the guest and let them go off to their next (and much less exciting) classes.




Today is a pass/fail day according to whether or not the students were respectful and participated in the discussion.