Talkback Days


Students will demonstrate their understanding of dramaturgy by leading a talkback session for a film.



Materials Needed

TV, DVD player, CD player, Classical CD, VHS, Rubric from Lesson 4



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
When the class comes in have the room darker and the desks pushed to the side. Have soothing classical music playing. When the class is gathered, have them take a seat on the floor. Go through some yoga exercises with them. Spend five minutes in prana. Then go to child pose, western side stretch, the Downward Dog, the Cat, the cobra, and the windmill.




Step One: Make sure students feel relaxed before they start into their presentations. Have the class move the desks/chairs back to a semi-circle. Ask for volunteers to start, if no one volunteers have a random selection done by method of drawing a name. Help the student set up their film clip.


Step Two: Play the film clip the student has chosen. Sit mixed in with the students and allow the presenter to take control. Let them start in on the discussion. If there is an uncomfortable lull in conversation and the student is floundering, ask them if there is anything particular they learned from the things they found out about the film.


Step Three: When the student is done, invite the next student up. Repeat this same process until about 15 minutes before class is up.


Step Four: Wrap up class by having those students who presented that day talk about how it feels to lead a discussion and how the work they did helped them prepare, and what they would do differently if they were to do it again.




Student should demonstrate their skills learned in this unit by leading a discussion according to the attached grading rubric.