Scumble and Texture


Students will demonstrate their understanding of texture by creating a surface with three or four different ways to add texture to a painting.



Materials Needed

– Paint brushes
– painting sponges
– rags
– rollers
– thin paint
– paint
– aprons for students
– hand-out on scumbling   Scumble Handout
– plywood boards



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Have on the board a hang-man game. The students will guess letters and try to figure out that the word is SCUMBLE. They probably will not be able to guess the word, since it will be new to them.




Step 1: Discuss scumbling and hand out the scumble paper you have prepared. Go through and discuss the process before starting to paint. See attached handout to get directions on how to scumble.


Step 2: Get out the paints and try to scumble with the students. They will follow your strokes and you will paint together. So they will put down a base coat that is dark and then add a thin layer of paint that is lighter. The strokes need to be crisscrossed and not in an up and down fashion.


Step 3: Go on to discussing texture. There are a lot of different ways to add texture to a painting. Sponges can add a cool texture, demonstrate this and have students try it. Rags when bunched into your hand and pushed down sporadically onto the painting can add a texture, have students try this. Rollers with rags wrapped or tied around the rollers can add texture. Splattering can also add texture by dipping your dry brush into a thin paint and then flicking it onto the canvas. It works well to make the piece look realistic.


Step 4: Have students try each of these methods of adding texture. Their plywood board may appear busy and messy, but it is just for practice.




Discuss how these elements of adding texture can be helpful to a production’s set. Does it help with mood? Does it help with the period of the piece? It could date the show and it helps to make the set look more realistic.




Assessment: 5 points for attendance, 5 points for participation, 5 points for displaying 4 different ways of adding texture and for experimenting with scumbling.