Wall paper


Students will demonstrate their scenic painting skills by cutting out stencils and creating their own unique wall paper.



Materials Needed

– paint
– plywood
– wall paper stencils (one for each student), glued to a harder substance
– scissors
– ruler, pencils, texture materials- sponges, rags, rollers, paint brushes



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Have students write down anything that goes on walls in their house. Then have them share what they wrote. The minute someone says wallpaper- you can go into your discussion of today’s lesson.




Step 1: Discuss wallpaper and how it is used in theatre. It can be used in a lot of straight plays that have the same set the whole time. Indoor interiors. You can save a lot of money by creating your own wallpaper, instead of purchasing it.


Step 2: Hand out stencils to the class. They then need to cut out the stencils, as in leaving a bit of the outside and cutting out the inside of the object. Stencils are hollow on the inside, so they need to cut out the middle.


Step 3: Have them place the stencil against their top corner of the plywood board. They will take a sponge or rag and blot against the middle part of the stencil. When they lift up the stencil after they are finished, they will see their design there. Then they need to pick up the stencil and move it over so that it is up against where the last stencil was laid and repeat the process. They need to repeat the process until the plywood board is filled with the stencil.


Step 4: The students can go back and put their stencil over parts they have already done and add more texture and different colors of texture.


Step 5: Dry brush over the wallpaper to make it look more authentic. Also spackle it to add effect. When the students are done and have checked off their painting, they can paint over it with light blue to prepare for the next day.




Ask students what has been their favorite thing to paint so far? And Why?




Assessment: 5 points attendance, 5 points participation, 5 points for painting wallpaper.