Students will demonstrate their knowledge of foliage by painting their own tree complete with foliage, using five different colors.



Materials Needed

– paint and paint brushes (3 types of green, 2 types of brown- or if students want to mix the paint that is okay as well)
– plywood boards



Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook
Take students outside to look at the trees. What colors do they see? Is there only just one color green? What do the branches look like? Are there shadows? Where? Are the leaves darker underneath and lighter on top?




Step 1: Take students back into the school and discuss with them that they are going to be painting foliage today. They will need to paint their trunk first and all of the branches going up into the sky. The board is already blue to represent the sky behind the tree. They need to use two colors of brown (one light and one dark), the lighter color is used as an accent to shadow the tree and to show the sun shining on it.


Step 2: Have students paint their trunk and branches using the instruction you have just given them. You are painting with them as well, so they are able to see an example of how it is done.


Step 3: Start painting the foliage and explaining what you are doing as you are doing it. You first start with the darkest color of green and that will go primarily on the lower half of the tree. It is the shadowed part of the foliage. Have students follow you.


Step 4: Then you go to the medium color of green and that will go primarily in the middle of the tree and also interspersed throughout the branches. Have students follow you.


Step 5: Then you go on to the lightest green for the top of the branches that would be sun kissed. This color can also be interspersed throughout, wherever you think the sun would be hitting the tree. Have students follow you.


Step 6: Now everyone should have a beautiful tree with many colors representing the true likeness of trees. Everyone will need to have their tree marked off with the teacher.




Explain that this type of foliage does not need to be used just for trees. It can also be used on bushes or plants. Foliage painting is used a lot of plays and it is a good skill to pick up.
If there is time, the students need to paint their 4×6 piece (feet) of wood white.

Assessment: 5 points attendance, 5 points participation, 5 points for tree with foliage.