Final painting


Students will demonstrate their scenic painting skills and projection skills by painting a picture, on a 4×6 piece of wood, that incorporates at least two of the styles studied in this unit.



Materials Needed

– 4×6 pieces of wood for every student
– paint and paint brushes
– overhead projector
– pencils
– pictures that incorporate 2 of the painting styles


Unit Grading Rubric   Unit Grading Sheet



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Explain to them that now they are able to work on their own and show their creativity.




Step 1: The teacher will need to supply the pictures that they are going to project and paint, the picture should already be able to be projected on an overhead projector, so it needs to be a transparency. Allow the students to pick which picture they want to project onto their piece of white board.


Step 2: They need to set up their board against the wall, but there will need to be plastic underneath so that paint does not get on the floor. They then will take turns projecting their image onto the board and tracing it with pencil.


Step 3: Once they are done tracing the image, they then can go on and start to paint their image. They will need to make sure they are incorporating all of the information they have learned in the unit.


Step 4: When they are done painting, they need to tell the teacher, so that she can give them a grade. The paintings will be on display in the class for a week for all of the classes to see the work they have done.




Discuss painting with the class and it’s uses in theatre. Ask them if they have ever seen a show when the set was not painted in one way or another. They will say no. So they will then realize the importance of learning how to paint these different scenes that will often come up in theatre and in the upcoming show. These students will need to be rewarded for their hard work and allowed to help paint the set for the upcoming show.




Assessment: 5 points attendance each day that this project lasts, 5 points participation for each day it lasts, and 30 points for the final project.