Corrective and Age Defining Makeup


Students will show an ability to apply basic corrective and age appropriate makeup by creating a step by step design and applying it to themselves or a partner.



Enough makeup for each student

  • Copies of Makeup Design Sheet for each student (see Lesson 1 Supplements)
  • Facial cleanser and towels for each student
  • Makeup Morgue
  • Enough brushes and sponges for each student
  • Makeup room key
  • Mirror or a volunteer for demonstration



Quickly have the students turn in their assignments while taking roll.  After roll is taken and the assignments are in, introduce the students to the giant sized class makeup kit.  Let them see where the different types of makeup are stored in the kit.  Then have the students take a notepad and writing utensil with them to the makeup room.  Before leaving for the makeup room, divide the students into pairs or have them choose a partner.



Discussion (Reviewing last-year’s material)

o   What steps do you remember for corrective makeup?

o   How do you think corrective makeup can be altered to create the effects of making someone appear younger or older?

  • Instruction/Directions/Modeling

o   Prepare Foundation

  • If there is enough room for students to use mirrors, they may.  If not students should plan on applying makeup to a partner and switching off.
  • Students should mix a foundation to be one or two shades darker than the natural skin using different crème foundations.
  • Foundation should be applied lightly with a sponge.  Be careful not to use too much.  A little can go a long way.

o   Facial Analysis

  • Conduct a brief facial analysis of yourself or partner and determine what should happen to the following in order to make one appear older or younger.
    • Forehead

o   Lower-Higher

o   Narrower-Wider

  • Nose

o   Thinner-Wider

o   Shorter-Longer

o   Sharper-Flatter

  • Jaw

o   Sharper-Flatter

  • Eyes

o   Narrower-Wider

o   Shadow

  • Cheeks

o   Rounder-Narrower

o   Higher-Lower

o   Rouge

  • Lips

o   Reshaping

o   Color

  • Stippling

o   Freckles

o   Age Marks

o   Demonstrate the steps for standard corrective for a male and for a female.

  • Guided Practice/Checking/Discussion

o   Have the students go through the steps with you out loud.

o   Let the students work on applying corrective makeup.  Monitor and check individual student work.

o   After the students have the basics down, discuss what then would need to happen if you wanted to make the actor look five years younger.  What would you need to do to make the actor look 25 years older?  40 years older?

o   If time allows, let the students try to make variations to make themselves look younger or older by varying position of highlights/rouge/etc.



Review with the students how changing position of highlights and shadows, darkening or brightening the foundation, and changing color or position of rouge or stippling can affect the appearance of age.  Let the students know that next time we will be working with latex to help create the appearance of old age.  Next time they will need to bring a design sheet with a drawing of an old age version of themselves or their partner.  They do not need to complete the steps portion of the page as we will cover how to do this in class next time.



Participation proficiency 8/10 points.



(see Lesson 1)