How to Present Oneself at an Audition


Students will demonstrate their understanding of audition protocol and etiquette by preparing how to present themselves in an audition.




Ability to play YouTube clip, computer, projector, audition do’s and don’ts paper, headshot and resume slides




Play the clip “American Idol 2011 Los Angeles Worst Auditions” (



Discussion—Explain that there were so many things wrong with these auditions, including the way American Idol auditions are set up in general. Ask students what they noticed. Point out the fact that if you are going to audition for a musical or opera, generally you will be instructed to bring your own accompaniment or it will be provided. Rarely, if ever, will you sing acapella. In any audition atmosphere, it is highly unprofessionally for the casting team to humiliate or belittle the auditioner. If they do that, chances are you do not want to work with them. Auditioners should not dress up in costumes, bring props, sing cross-gender songs, or do anything gimmicky. As they talk about giving headshots and resumes, they briefly show slides with examples. They inform that these will be discussed in depth later.



Instruction—Give students the audition do’s and don’ts paper. Go around the class and read a bullet point at a time.



Modeling—Model the difference between a good and a bad audition. The teacher should make their modeling obvious. Ask the students for critique.



Modeling—Ask for student volunteers to demonstrate audition protocol. As students model, praise what they do well and give suggestions for how they can improve.



Group Practice—Students will now partner up and practice audition protocol with each other. The teacher walks around the room and observes, giving feedback.



Everyone regroups and the teacher asks for what went well and what students had trouble with. The teacher instructs that they when they preview their audition, they will also preview how they will present themselves. Next time, students will be creating headshots and resumes. They should come dressed appropriately and be prepared for a quiz by reading the BYU Career Services Guidelines for an Actor’s Resume, located in the audition packet. The teacher briefly flips through the headshot slides again as review for how to dress. Inform the students that they will be previewing in two class periods and should be ready by then.





Students assess each other on their presentation. The teacher assesses through discussion and observation.

Lesson 3.Audition Do’s and Don’ts

Lesson 3.Headshot & Resume PP Slides