Students will demonstrate their mastery of the Shakespearean language techniques of vocal levels, punctuation, word coloring, and rhythm by performing their polished monologues.


Materials Needed:

– final performance rubrics—hard copy for each student


Warm-up: (5 minutes)

Run around the room for 30 seconds: go!
25 jumping jacks
Have students stand in a circle.
Start with vocal levels—have students count up 1 to 10 matching the vocal volume with the number they are saying.
Punctuation—Shout out a punctuation mark and have students gut reaction respond pahysically and vocally without using real words to the stated punctuation.
Word coloring—Say a word—father. Color it gritty, high, and fast


Performances: (Rest of class)

Remember to be courteous to others in the class. Start with your 60 second synopsis. I will cut you off at 60 seconds if you are not finished. Then slate your name, play, and character. Then you may begin. Remind students of the 7 different areas they will be graded on in the rubric.


Shakespeare Monologue Scoring Rubric