Performances and Self-Evaluation


Students will demonstrate their mastery of the Shakespearean language techniques of vocal levels, punctuation, word coloring, and rhythm by performing their polished monologues.


Materials Needed:

– final performance rubrics—hard copy for each student


Warm-up: (5 minutes)

Run around the room for 30 seconds: go!
25 jumping jacks
Have students stand in a circle.
Start with vocal levels—have students count up 1 to 10 matching the vocal volume with the number they are saying.
Punctuation—Shout out a punctuation mark and have students gut reaction respond pahysically and vocally without using real words to the stated punctuation.
Word coloring—Say a word—wait. Color it soft, low, and fast


Performances: (Rest of students)

Remember to be courteous to others in the class. Start with your 60 second synopsis. I will cut you off at 60 seconds if you are not finished. Then slate your name, play, and character. Then you may begin. Remind students of the 7 different areas they will be graded on in the rubric.


Self-evaluations: (10 minutes)

You’re done! Yay! Have everyone take out a sheet of paper. Say the different areas listed on the grading rubric. Have the students write down what they would give themselves on their grades. Write one paragraph defending their choices.


Give the students their teacher graded rubrics back. Compare the scores. How many people are surprised by the scores they got? Some of you are probably surprised for different reasons. If you have questions on your specific scores, come talk to me after class. Collect the graded rubrics back from the students and tell them they will get them back next class after they are entered into the gradebook.


Discussion: (rest of class)

What do you think is the most important principle we learned in this unit? Why?
What principles from Shakespeare do you think are helpful in working on other realism pieces you might do in the future?
What did listening to a play from each of the four categories teach you about your life today?


Collect self-evaluations from students before they leave.