Lesson 4: Fly Safety Review

LESSON 4: Fly Safety Review

OBJECTIVE: The students will demonstrate correct procedures for operation of the fly system by flying the stage legs.

 White Board
 Dry Erase
 Gloves (optional)
 Fly Test (see Supplements)

With the drawing on the board again, review one last time the parts of the fly system. Make sure the class feels comfortable identifying and describing each part.

(If needed complete the activities that were not finished the last time.)
1. Transition
a. Take the students to the fly system again after review the material from last time.
2. Modeling/Guided Practice/Checking
a. Review the fine points of safety covered in the first fly lesson and demonstrate how to check and unlock a fly.
b. Demonstrate how to fly in/out.
c. Demonstrate how to lock the fly.
d. Allow each student the opportunity to do as you demonstrated.
3. Directions/Independent Practice
a. The students will be given another quiz today in two parts. There is a written test (pass this out as you are giving directions) and an observation test.
i. Observation Test/Fly Wars
1. Call up three students and have them stand next to fly lines that are equally weighted (i.e. the upstage legs and the downstage legs).
2. The flies should be unlocked and the batons should be raised to grid level.
3. On my signal they should lower the curtain as quickly as they can until the curtain touches floor.
4. Then the curtain should raised back to the grid as quickly as possible.
5. Once the curtain cannot be raised any more the flier will lock the fly and stand next to it hands raised. The first to do this wins and may continue playing the next round.
6. Keep in mind all of this should be done silently. If I hear a curtain flopping on the ground, a locking ring clanking on the rail, or a baton hitting the grid, that flier will receive a 5 second penalty. Any unsafe or incorrect procedure will result in a disqualification.
7. The Fly Wars competition is the observation portion of the test. I will be watching each student to see if he/she is using correct procedures.
ii. The Written Exam
1. This quiz should be taken while the other students are participating in the fly wars.
2. The exam should be done individually in a place where I can see you and a body’s distance from the nearest other student.
3. Exams should be turned into me when completed.

Discuss with the students how well they did in the Fly Wars and why or why not they enjoyed them. Ask the students what they learned to help them succeed in the activity.

9 points possible. 9/9 proficiency.
d. Students who do not score an 9 on the quiz will be given as many opportunities to re-take the quiz as needed.
e. Students will be given as much time as they need to finish the quiz. If they do not finish in class, they may take it home as homework.
f. Students with reading or writing difficulties may take the quiz orally with the instructor.
Students will demonstrate correct procedures for operation of flies. 5 points possible. 5/5 proficiency.
g. Students who do not achieve a score of 5/5 will be given the opportunity to re-take the exam.
h. Students with disabilities may do the demonstration with another student and as a team talk through the steps as they do it.

Lesson 4.Fly System Handout

Lesson 4.Fly System Final Exam