Stage Terms Review


The students will demonstrate their understanding of the common terms for the modern stage and its equipment through locating and defining them and passing the unit test.




 Stage Terms and Equipment Quiz (see Supplements)
 White board
 Dry erase
 Double-Plano Convex Lens Train
 Fresnel Spotlight
 Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight
 Parabolic Aluminum Reflector Can
 Strip Light
 Iris Shutter
 Gobo
 Gel
 Barn Doors
 PAR Can without a lens




Take the students directly into the auditorium.



1. Checking
a. Have the students review and identify the different terms that have been discussed throughout the unit.
b. Once again, have each student demonstrate his/her understanding of the fly system by participating in Fly Wars.
c. Return to the classroom and review the different types of lighting instruments and accessories. Write on the board the different names of the lighting instruments.
d. Have the students find their own places in the classroom and hand out the test.
e. Place the lighting instruments in the same order on the floor as they are pictured on the test and allow students to come up and look at them closer if they wish.




Discuss with the class what they learned in this unit. Have the students explain why it is important for a theatrical technician to know these stage terms.




32 points possible. 26/32 proficiency.
1. Adaptations
a. Students with disabilities should be given plenty of time to take the test. If they do not finish, allow them to take it home as homework.
b. Also allow them to both see and touch the objects that are on the quiz as they take it.


Lesson 8.Stage & Equipment Test