The students will demonstrate their ability to utilize the nine vocal viewpoints into a performance by practicing reading their story and applying each of them.


Materials Needed

Each student must have their own book, also plan on bringing 4-10 children’s books such as Dr. Seuss or other,

copy of the quiz for each student

performance rubric for each student


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Pop Quiz

Have the students take out a pen or pencil and put everything else away.

Tell them that they have 20 minutes to complete the quiz and they cannot talk or use any notes. Pass out quizzes.



Step 1:  Grade and review

Have the students find a partner to switch papers with and then grade the papers together as a class. Ask the class for the answer to each question and then have them give an example of it.


Step 2:  Project assignment

Pass out the rubric for the student’s final performance. Go through each point with them and give examples of what you are expecting where needed. Ask the students for questions regarding the assignment. Instruct the students to pull out their books and get working making sure that they incorporate at least one aspect of every viewpoint. Tell the students that they are to keep this rubric for today’s practice time to refer back to and make sure they are incorporating all that they need to. Tell them that for homework, they are to grade themselves on their reading after today’s work and turn it in to me at the final performance time.


Step 3: Practice

Let the students work on their readings for about 45 minutes. When the time is up have them come back together. Then instruct them to each get a partner. They will then read their book to their partner and get critiqued by them. Then they will trade roles and the other student will read theirs and then receive feedback.



Inform the students that next class period they will be performing their stories for a final grade. Tell them to practice at home to younger siblings if they have any or to a parent or even just in a mirror.  Encourage them to incorporate the feedback they received today if it will improve their overall performance. Remind them of their homework assignment of filling out the rubric on their own performance to hand in at the final performance next class period.



Self-graded rubric and quiz