Viewpoints Rehearsal


Students will demonstrate their understanding of the viewpoints by taking a quiz, and by rehearsing and turning in a final outline for their performance that incorporates what they have practiced.



Viewpoints Quiz:

Match the correct word and definition by writing the bolded letter in the space provided below. (3 points each)


  1. Tempo ______
  2. Kinesthetic Response ______
  3. Spatial Relationship ______
  4. Shape ­­­­­­­­­­______


  1. The distance between things on stage.
  2. The design created in movement through the space.
  3. The spontaneous reaction to motion outside of oneself.
  4. A movement involving part or parts of the body.
  5. The rate of speed at which movement occurs.
  6. The outline the body makes in space.


  1. How can the use of Topography affect the story, theme, or idea being performed? (4 points)


  1. Explain the difference between behavioral and expressive Gesture. (4 points)


  1. You want to tell a classic fairy tale without words. Explain how you might tell that story using at least 3-5 viewpoints (10 points)


Step 1: Pass out the quiz to students as they come in. Give students 15 minutes to complete the quiz.

Step 2: Have students get into their groups. Explain that for the next 25-35 minutes they will be rehearsing their scenes and finalizing details for the final performances. Hand out the rubric expectations for the final performance. Explain that they must turn in an outline of their performance by the end of the day.

(ALL) As the groups rehearse, move around amongst them and ask any of the following:

  • How are you incorporating the viewpoints here?   
  • Have you written an outline of your performance to turn in?       
  • Who are your characters? What are some of the choices your character makes?            
  • How long is the performance? Have you timed it? What things do we need to add or take away?   

As groups start to develop their scene more, ask for a preview of what they have so far and give feedback.                        

Step 3: Spend the last few minutes of class going over performance day expectations.

  • Students are expected to be present, on time, and prepared.
  • They are expected to show respect for each other by being quiet during performances and actively participating in a constructive feedback session for each group. What are some other ways we can show respect for one another?


Have students turn in their scene outlines.

The outline will be scored on completeness. If it does not contain a beginning, middle, and end then they will be deducted three points for each. There is no correct way to complete the outline. The contents of the outline will be assessed for understanding and will be given feedback. Proficiency will be 7/10 points. The quiz will be worth 30 points, and will be graded on ability to explain viewpoints of time and apply them to a visual. Proficiency will be 24/30 points.