Mask Days

Learning Objective

Student will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of Commedia Del’ Art’s characters by creating a mask that is well researched taking into consideration status, power, and animal like nature.   



Materials Needed

Mask making materials (Vaseline, Tin Foil, Paint, Sequenes, Feathers, Plaster)




Have the entire mask making materials out on a table with pictures of different types of masks printed out and out up around the room. Have the students pull out the picture of the type of mask they would like to make and show their partner.



Step One-Instruction

Have the students get with a partner. This is the partner that you will be working with for the next two class periods. Assign one person A and the other partner B. The B’s will make their masks today. Tell the girls to tie their hair back so it is out of their face. Share what character you will be making a mask for. If you want to be a lover you still need to make a mask for a different character.



Step Two-

Demonstrate how to make a mask.

1. Cover your face with Vaseline

2.  Put strips of plaster to get form of the face

3. Sit and let it harden

4. Once hardened have your partner remove it from the face

5. Build up features with clay to make the eyes more prenounced

6. Take a bit of tin foil and shape it to form your nose. Remember to take into account your characters status.

7. Paint and decorate the mask with any type of embellishment



 Step Three-

Have students share with the class what they have created. Ask them what was your experience making a mask or assisting your partner with their mask? What was a challenge? What artistic liberties did you take?




Have students paint and decorate the masks at home if there is not enough time to do so in class.




The student will show knowledge and understanding of Commedia characters by creating historically accurate masks of their own.