Preview Prep

Day 6, Preview Prep


Lesson Objective: Students will prepare for previews by doing a memorization check and small group scene work.


Materials: Final Performance Rubrics, AV hook ups, if available—several sets of speakers

Musical Scenes Mash-up Final Performance Rubric



Give students 10 minutes to get with partner and run through their piece.


Pair up partnerships and have them exchange scripts and check for each other’s memorization.  Scores should be given out of 20 points:

1-3 mistakes 20/20

4-8 mistakes 18/20

9-14 mistakes 16/20

15-20 mistakes 14/20

21-25 mistakes 12/20

26+ mistakes 10/20….


Have students turn in their scores.


Rubric Review:

Hand out copies of the rubric to each partnership. Project the Final Performance Rubric for the whole class to see. Explain that students will be previewing their scenes the next class period. Explain that previews are pass/fail but that they will be graded by this rubric for their final performance. Go over the performance rubric with students and unpack the expectations and grading system. 


Small Group Rehearsal:

Explain that today students have the chance to perform their scenes for a small group of their classmates and get feedback before they preview next time. Have students get into small groups (3-4 partnerships) and take a space in the classroom (if available, could spread groups throughout the auditorium). Have them perform their scenes for each other and offer specific notes to each other—using the rubric as their guide.  Each group will probably need a portable speaker to play their music from.  Roam around and watch various groups performing and giving notes.



With about 10 minutes left, have students reflect on their experience today and the notes they were given. Have them answer the following questions:

  • What do we (as a partnership) need to work on most?
  • What are we doing well with so far?
  • What can I do individually to be best prepared for the preview?
  • How will I accomplish this?


Wrap Up:

At the end of class, thank students for their good work. Remind them to bring any props, costumes, or other items that they want to use/will need for their previews.