Day 7, Previews


Lesson Objective: Students will demonstrate their progress so far by performing their scene in a preview.


Materials: Vocal Warm Up Ideas (



Pick an activity from the vocal warm up sheet and lead the class in it. Encourage them to use their bodies as well (they’ll need to have both warmed up for their work today)


When finished, set a timer for a couple minutes.  During this time, students should gather/prepare any props/costumes they’ll be using for their scenes.



Give students 10 minutes to run through their scenes. Ask them to focus on transitioning in and out of their song. How can they do it in a way that flows nicely and helps tell the story of the scene? Circulate the room as students prepare their scenes.


Preview Protocol:

When time is up, have students take a seat again.  Have them pull out a pencil and their notebooks. Ask students call out acting elements we’ve studied so far and any other things that make a strong scene performance (clear objectives, tactics, blocking, business, motivation, movement, characterization, character relationships, projection/diction, etc…). Write them up on the white board.  Explain that students need to take notes on their classmates’ performances—identifying specific things that are strong in the scene so far, and specific things that need work in the scene. We will share these notes after the performances


Take notes on each groups’ performances—noting areas of strength and areas that need more work. (I typed mine up so I could print them out and give them to students during the next lesson)


Preview Performances:

Have each group perform their scene. 


After each scene take a couple minutes for students in the audience to offer feedback from their notes while the next scene is setting up their scene/music.

  • If time permits, offer some of your notes as well.


Go through all the performances.


When previews are finished, have students turn in their notes (or just show them to you) for points.


If time permits, discuss with the class their general observations about previews. What does the class need to work on the most? Where is the class excelling?



Students will be assessed by their participation in the preview performance (did they perform their scene and did they take notes/participate in feedback?)