Final Performances Day 1

Day 9, Final Performances Day 1


Lesson Objective: Students will demonstrate acting fundamentals (character development, objectives, tactics, motivation, blocking) by performing a musical theatre mash up scene and writing a critique on the work of their peers.


Materials: White Board/Markers, Final Performance Rubrics (one for each student), A/V Sound Hook Ups

Musical Scenes Mash-up Final Performance Rubric


Prior to Class: Number the white board 1-however many scene groups there are in the class.



Have students stand. Lead them through a quick physical and vocal warm up. (a tongue twister with actions would work fine). Have students stretch, do a couple jumping jacks, then shake everything out.


Set a timer for 1-2 minutes. Within this time frame, a member of each partnership needs to come up to the white board and sign up for a performance slot. (ex- the group that signed up for 1 goes first, 2 next, etc…) Every group needs to sign up! NOTE: Since performances will almost certainly take two class periods, it might be a good idea to snap a pic of the order on the white board to refer to next time.


When time is up, have students take out their notebooks and a writing utensil.



Briefly explain the procedure for performances:

  • Performances will go according the order on the white board.
  • For each scene performance, students will write a brief critique answering the following questions:
    • What elements of the scene have improved the most since previews? (be specific)
    • What elements could still use some work? (again, be specific)
  • Once a scene finishes, the folks on deck will get their space/music set up while the class finishes any last minute notes about the scene. To help these transitions run smoothly, encourage students to stay in “audience mode” (focusing on the performers & on their own work, not talking, etc…)


Ask what questions students have about the instructions/procedures. Answer any questions.


Give students a couple minutes to gather any props/put on any costume pieces they may have.



Go through the line-up listed on the board, having each group perform their scene. Fill out a rubric for each student.


Get through as many performances as possible during the class period.


Wrap Up/Discussion:

Stop performances when there are about 5-10 minutes left of class.  Ask students what they’ve enjoyed and/or learned from the performances they watched today.  Thank students for their focus and have them clean up the space. Those who didn’t get to perform can store their props/costumes in the class room.


Assessment: Students will be assessed on their performance through the rubric and through the critiques they worked on.