Casting and the Audition Process

LESSON 4: Casting and the Audition Process


LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will demonstrate their understanding of choosing actors by casting their fairytale scene.


MATERIALS NEEDED: Simple coloring pages, computer and projector access, appropriate connection cables

The Muppets Disney Junior audition clip link:


HOOK: Pass out simple coloring sheets to the students. Have them tape them to the whiteboard or wall when they are finished. Ask the students questions such as: What differences do you see among the coloring jobs? If the patterns were all the same, why did they turn out so differently when they were colored in? Answers may include because everyone imagines it differently, because everyone likes different colors, etc.


Step 1

TRANSITION: Have the students answer the following question in a word cloud on the white board: What might a director look for in an audition? Answers may include body type, vocal quality, personality, memorization, boldness, performing abilities, ability to take direction, etc.


Ask the students questions such as: How could this change if the production were different? How could this change if the director’s concept were different?


Step 2

INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE: Have each student write down qualities that he or she is looking for in each character that is featured in his or her fairytale scene.


Step 3

GUIDED PRACTICE: Together with the students create an example of a director’s audition evaluation form –some general areas they can take notes on and look for as they audition their fairytales.


Step 4

DISCUSSION: Show the students a video of the Muppets auditioning for Disney Junior characters. Ask the students questions such as: What should you do if no one has what you are looking for? Answers may include make do with what you have, invite someone you know to be in your show, adjust your vision of the production, etc.


Step 5

ASSESSMENT: Have each student provide a short cold reading script or monologue from his or her fairytale scene. Have each student pick up approximately 3-4 scripts/monologues and read them for the class. Based off of their individual audition forms, students will create two potential cast lists and turn them in to the teacher. The teacher will review each student’s cast lists and try to divide parts evenly among the class so that each student is acting in the same number of scenes if possible.